In November, 2014, together with Cultural Center “Evgeni Bossilkov”, Belene, we organized a roundtable with main topic, “Witnesses of faith during the communist regime”. The event drew a lot of interest. The hall, where it was held, proved to be too small for all who wanted to look and listen. Our special guest was the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rosen Plevneliev. The event was attended by the mayor of Belene, Mr. Spasov, the Catholic priest and head of Cultural Center “Evgeni Bossilkov”, Father Paolo Cortese, Catholic Exarch Hristo Proykov, Orthodox priest Zoran Mamuchevski and pastor Bedros Altunyan.
Right before the discussions, a monument of Pope John Paul II was unveiled. Papal nuncio, Monsignor Anselmo G. Pecorari and Member of European Parliament, Dr. Andrey Kovachev, were guests of the event.
After the discussions, the guests visited the so-called Second Site on the Persin Island – the largest concentration camp for prisoners, who were considered politically dangerous by the communist government, created by the Bulgarian Communist Party in 1949. They laid flowers, and remembered…

Please, take a look at the photo gallery from the event