In the spring of this year 2023, we began a detailed cleaning of the northern part of the remains of the “Belene” camp. After the completion of the planned activities, we believe that visitors to the site will be able to see some of the correctional/prison facilities, sanitary and welfare facilities, and also part of the camp’s fencing and security facilities. Volunteers and additional staff take part in the work process, as well as equipment provided by the Belene Island Foundation. New machines were also purchased, with the help of which the process of clearing the site will be improved and accelerated. We are about to replace part of the exhibition panels on the territory of the camp with new bilingual ones, which will be an additional convenience for foreign groups and organized visitors to the remains of the camp.

All planned activities and events, which are being implemented and are to be implemented this year, are taking place thanks to the financial support of the Renovabis Foundation – Germany.

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